Sunday, July 15, 2012

Boat rides, excursions, and bowling

Our weeks together never slow down; as we near the end of the stage we are hard at work memorizing lines, deciding on t-shirt and magazine ideas, celebrating birthdays, going on excursions, and of course bowling.

Monday afternoon the mayor of Brest offered us a boat ride to see the rade of Brest.  It was interesting to see Brest from a new perspective, although a lot of stagiaires also ended up getting sleepy from the rocking motion of the boat.  These kids are doing a lot of work; give them a few spare moments and they start dozing!

On Tuesday, we went on an excursion to the Pointe des Espagnols, a second seaside rock outcropping, Camaret-sur-mer, and Quimper.  As you can see, the stagiaires love climbing on rocks.
 Getting to see Brest from the other side of the water!
 Our stagiaires also love pain au chocolat
 Always a good idea to lend a helping hand.

We also celebrated three birthdays in one week, even though they were a bit more spread out than that in reality!  Felicia, Kenneth, and Charlotte are three more lucky stagiaires to celebrate their birthdays in Brest. Felicia and Kenneth had a duel celebration with a chocolate-pear cake, and Charlotte's cake was an apple pie cake with homemade ice cream.
Opening the official stage presents... Asterix comics with notes from the professors

On Thursday night, stagiaires and their families were given the option to come bowling at a French bowling alley.  We were thrilled to discover that the French also do cosmic bowling, and I hate to say it, but it looks like we don't have many future bowling stars among our students or host families.  Nevertheless, it was a lot of fun and a great opportunity to spend time together.

This week will be our very last week in Brest.  Many students have been going to the international maritime festival, les Tonnerres de Brest, with their host families.  One morning next week they will have the option to get up very very early and come with us to the beach to watch the ships leave at the end of the festival.  Otherwise, we will be busy as can be prepping for our Farewell Show and getting a crash course in how to be safe and have fun in Paris.

All the best,
Team Brest!

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