Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Updates

Good evening all,

I'm leaving tomorrow to spend some time hiking in Spain before meeting the group in Paris in June.  As such, I thought I'd better send along some updates now since my internet access might be a little spotty.

First of all, I will be announcing our safe arrival in Brest via this blog.  I will post as soon as possible upon our arrival in Brest.  Given the time difference and our long bus ride, you can most likely anticipate an update sometime in the afternoon on June 11.

Earlier in the day, you'll be able to verify their arrival in Paris on your own if you like, using a website like with the flight information (Air France 0667).  It'll be around 2 am Indiana time that they arrive in Paris (great for night owls).

Next, I would like to note that while I'll be adding a few choice photos to this blog as we go along, I will be uploading a much larger number of photos to our group Picasa album.  The current security settings only allow people with a specific link to access the photos.  The link is:

Right now I just have a few trial photos from our Orientation.  You can anticipate a much larger number in the (increasingly near) future!

Happy packing and prepping to all!


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